Berwick’s BARK news

THANK you to everyone who attended our car boot sale and open day, and to Border Skip Hire and the Ramparts MOT Centre for their support.

We hope you enjoyed looking around our kennels and thanks to your generosity we raised over £500 on the day. Some of the animals have been lucky enough to be offered homes but others are still waiting.

We have four kittens who will be ready to go to their new homes shortly. Two tabbies, one black and white and one tortoiseshell. They are all lovely friendly kittens and it would be nice if we could rehome them in pairs. Another pair still waiting patiently for their new home are Milo, ginger, and Squirt grey and white. The two are around five or six years old and a nice pair who are constantly overlooked. Dudley is an older cat who is partially sighted. He really is a lovely affectionate cat who will make a great companion.

We have two labs looking for separate homes. Daisy is a two year-old energetic dog, who has lived with other dogs. Tweed is a six year-old, who although he gets on with other dogs can be dominant in his own home so would be better as an only dog. Noah is a lovely lurcher around two years old. Very people and dog friendly but not good around livestock. Noah is currently sharing a kennel with four month-old Millie, who is very similar in look and temperament. These two have become good friends and clearly enjoy each others company. Bubba, six to eight years old, German Shepherd Cross whose general condition has improved since arriving at kennels. His coat is growing back and he has a real spring in his step. Diesel particularly enjoyed the open day and was keen to show off how well behaved he was. He is around two years old and a Labrador cross and would enjoy going to training classes.

Contact: Kennels: Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TU Tel: 01289 306299 – Shop: 12 Church Street, Berwick, TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 309225.