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Thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday at our Christmas Fayre and to all the volunteers who gave up their time to organise and man the event

We would like to thank Ford the bakers for donating the mince pies and scones and to Farm to Freeze for donating the butter, jam and clotted cream.

Congratulations to the Barrett family who one the first price of a Luxury Hamper in this year’s Christmas raffle.

A full list of prizes, ticket numbers and winners can be found on our fundraising page of our website or are listed in our shop.

Although the main Christmas Raffle is now drawn our shop also has a raffle running which will be drawn tomorrow, Friday, December 16, at lunchtime.

Do you fancy a couple of old faithful companions? Hamish and Dougal are eight year old Labrador litter mates.

They walk really well on lead together are good with people and other dogs. They curl up in the same bed together and are just a lovely affectionate pair. They are on a radical diet as their waste lines need a bit of reduction.

Sadly we have lots of dogs looking for homes and it is likely now they will be spending Christmas with us. It is actually Kim’s third Christmas with us. How can that be fair? She’s had some bad luck, twice being returned, once after almost a year, due to her owner’s ill health. A new owner will need to get to know her and then they will have a friend for life.

The same can be said of the other animals in our care. Milo, ginger, and Squirt, grey and white, are four year old cats who have always lived together. Recently we were given some catnip balls and this pair, in particular, had great fun.

There is a video on our website. If you can check it out, then please spread the word that these two beauties need a new home.

We have a lots of rabbits who are tucked up nice and warm in our rabbit shed. If we get a nice day though we do put them out to enjoy the fresh air and give them a chance to stretch their legs.

Contact details: Kennels: Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TU Tel: 01289 306299 – Shop: 12 Church Street, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 309225.