Berwick’s BARK news

Thanks to our open day a lot of the animals have been fortunate enough to find new homes. We were delighted to have enquiries about two of our long standing cats Skittles and Amber. They will go to their new home this weekend and we are sure the new owners will be hugely rewarded for taking them.

However when one space opens up there are always many animals waiting to come in. Our cattery still remains overfull and with another influx of kittens, who we have no doubt will find homes quickly, it would be nice to thing potential owners would consider some of the older and not so much older cats.

Twinkles is just two and although has a temperamental personality she does have a loving and amusing side. She couldn’t go with children but if you want a cat with personality she’s your cat.

Daisy, who is around six, is a lovely multi coloured cat. She is long haired and although she needs some grooming not as much as you would expect.

Suki, on the other hand does need regular grooming, at least three times a weeks, but only for a few minutes. She is nine years old and generally has a loving nature, and does enjoy being groomed. Mikey is a handsome tabby and loves to be out in the sun. He is very street wise but we would like a home away from busy roads.

Another cat who needs to be well away from roads is Toeny. He is under a year, very affectionate and has extra toes. He is so affectionate that he will happily follow anyone who has time for him. He loves to be outdoors, so a large garden would be ideal as well as company most of the day to save him looking for it elsewhere.

We had a young cat handed in from the Berwick area, in terrible condition. She will need lots of TLC over the coming weeks. Her condition is not something that has happened overnight but instead looks like months and months of neglect. She is a lovely natured cat and we have named her Sophie.

We are now putting videos of some of our animals online, so please check out our website if you can.

Contact details: Kennels: Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TU Tel: 01289 306299 – Shop: 12 Church Street, Berwick, TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 309225.