Berwick rideout moves to weekend

The historic riding of the bounds in Berwick will break with tradition next year when it is moves from its May 1 date. Berwick Riders’ Association has taken the decision to hold the ride around the town’s ancient boundaries on Saturday, April 29.

A statement from the organisation said: The organisation believes that this move to a Saturday would increase participation and draw bigger crowds into Berwick - as proved by 2016 success on a Sunday.

“However, small concerns have been raised about the potential departure from the tradition of the May 1 ride-out.

“Berwick Riders’ Association understand those concerns and they envisage that a situation where a ceremonial event to mark the ancient bounds of the town may still take place on May 1.

“In essence, what we are trying to do is move Berwick from a situation where we have 30 riders taking part on a weekday when there are only a handful of people on the street to watch and the children are at school.

“Our aim is for something like Hawick, Coldstream or Selkirk where there are 300 riders, the streets are packed and it becomes a huge day for Berwick.

That’s why we have been looking at a Saturday to try and achieve that, and again involve all of the community.”