Below par broadband still an issue for Borders

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Research published on internet access in the UK has shown that the Borders region has the third highest number of internet ‘notspots’ in Scotland.

The report, entitled ‘Rural Digital Exclusion’, shows that there are a total of 14 notspots in the Scottish Borders.

A notspot is an area that suffers from either a complete lack of internet service, or a service that is slower than 2Mbps and is not of benefit.

Sharing his disappointment at the findings, Berwickshire MSP, John Lamont commented: “These statistics once again show the disadvantage that many residents in the Borders suffer from compared to other areas of the country.

“For several years residents in these notspots have had to cope with limited or no access to the internet simply because they live in a rural part of the country. While progress is being made by the South of Scotland Alliance to improve internet speeds in areas of the Borders already with internet access, there are too many communities who are completely cut off.

“The research in this report and many others shows that those with limited internet access are far more likely to suffer from deprivation.

“This is in addition to much lower economic activity, and when the Borders economy needs all the support it can get, many local companies are operating at a disadvantage.”