BBC recruits locals for Flodden film

Flodden filming
Flodden filming

A camera crew from the BBC criss-crossed the border at the weekend, filming a documentary to tie in with Flodden’s 500th anniversary.

The BBC Learning team, based in Glasgow, were in the area working with local enthusiasts on a nine-minute documentary film to go on their website.

Flodden filming

Flodden filming

One camera team took a tour around the battle’s associated sites, getting establishing shots of Ford and the surrounding countryside.

Meanwhile, a second team rigged Remembering Flodden’s Clive Hallam-Baker up with a small microphone as he presented the story of the battle.

The local volunteers on both teams got a crash course in setting up cameras for outside shots, and over the weekend everyone got a chance to be behind the camera.

While the volunteers were being coached through the construction of each shot by the BBC experts, the TV professionals were receiving a day-long history lesson.

“I think Flodden is one of those places that, unless you come out to see it, you won’t quite ‘get’”, said Clive Dunn of the Glendale Local History Society. “Hopefully, this will go some way towards involving more people from the local community.”

Mark Fairbairn, a customer service manager and keen amateur video-maker, was delighted to see how the crew from Glasgow combined to create the finished video.

“It’s interesting to notice how the director sees this big picture, as it were, of how the different shots will be put together,” he said, “while the camera men see the landscape and the presenter, Clive, in a different way to you or me. It’s a much more spontaneous thing than you might imagine.”

Hallam-Baker told ‘The Berwickshire’ that interest in the 500th anniversary celebrations at the beginning of September was beginning to spread around the world.

“I’ve had enquiries from Europe, Texas, the USA, Abu Dabhi and Japan,” he said.

“Things are really coming together, especially now that we’ve had the path up to the battle site monument made wheel-chair friendly, thanks to DEFRA’s involvement. We just need that to grass over and we’ll be set.”

Hallam-Baker also confirmed that there will be a Flodden 500th anniversary photography competition, run with the aid of local camera clubs.

Entries are being taken now, and details on how to enter will be available soon on the Remembering Flodden Project’s website.