Baton’s early visit to high school

The sun shone on Duns when the Queens Baton Relay came to town.
The sun shone on Duns when the Queens Baton Relay came to town.

After being welcomed into Scotland at Coldstream Bridge on Saturday, the Queen’s Baton Relay returned to the Borders yesterday, Wednesday.

Its first stop was Duns, arriving from an overnight stop in East Lothian at 8.25am, when the first baton bearer carried it from the A6112 Grantshouse road entrance to the town.

It was passed on to eight more baton bearers on its way to Berwickshire High School where it did a circuit of the site so that as many pupils as possible got to see it.

A whistle stop tour of Greenlaw involved five baton bearers as they took the baton on its way across the Borders, heading for Earlston, Melrose, Tweedbank, Selkirk, Kelso, Jedburgh and Hawick, where it spent the night before moving on to Dumfries and Galloway in its journey around Scotland.

Duns baton bearers: Peter Gallagher, Leeanne Ross, David Dempster, Alexandria Clough, Myra Watson, Daniel Yule, Jamie Bromley, Elaine Whellans, Cameron Burnett, Kirsty Millar, Zoe Higgins, David Douglas. Greenlaw baton bearers: Andrew Beaumont, Blair Rutherford, Michelle Gibb, Graeme Sutherland, Susan Hunter.