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WE had a stray guinea handed in from the central Berwick area. It has been living rough for a couple of months and is in very poor condition, with lots of injuries and is also infested with mites. Primarily white in colour, any information on its owner would be appreciated.

The rabbits have been enjoying the brief good weather which gave the grass a bit of time to dry out and them a bit of outside exercise time. All our rabbits will be neutered before they go to their new homes and also receive the very important vaccination against myxomatosis and VHD. We have rabbits of all shapes and sizes, males and females, lovely personalities and those with slightly more challenging personalities, but all very rewarding.

Clyde has been with us over a year now and is around seven years old. He is a medium sized crossed. He has grown in confidence and is very settled, walks well on lead and is great with other dogs. He would enjoy a quieter home with loads of exercise and time to play. Visiting children would be okay or perhaps teenage children. Tess is an older white German Shepherd, but still in single figures. Sadly her owner has been taken ill and she has had to come in for rehoming. We have found she walks well and loves a cuddle. She is said not to be good with sheep or bikes, but has lived with another dog quite happily.

Apparently a box was found in the Mindrum area with two six months old cats, one ginger and one black and white, both girls, they have now been brought in to us. We would appreciate any information on the owner. Abandonment of animals is an offence so please just ask us for help, even if we are unable to immediately take them into kennels we will do all we can to try and find new homes.

Dudley is still with us. He’s such a lovely old soul there must be a home out there that will give him the love and comfort he needs in his last few years. He does need regular eye drops, which we will help with the cost, and he would be better as an only cat, although he would probably enjoy the company of an easy going dog.

Contact details: Kennels: 01289 306299 Shop: 01289 309225.