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We have some beautiful rabbits in at the moment. Lucy is just a youngster and very well handled. She would make an ideal pet for an enthusiastic young owner.

We also have a friendly pair of female rabbits, mum and daughter, who have always lived together and get on well and will happily sit and groom each other. Poppy is pure white with striking blue eyes.

All rabbits need a warm draft free hutch, plenty of fresh hay and vegetables to give their teeth the best chance and access to a grassy run in the milder weather.

It is a mystery as to why Cole the cat is still with us. He is so loving and affectionate and although he is in double figures he deserves a loving home. He will make a super companion and he is always ready for a bit of extra tlc.

We also have Milo and Squirt who are around six years old and enjoy each others company. Squirt is the more confident of the two where as Milo is a little bit more reserved until he knows you. Having said that, like most of the cats at the kennels, they’ll always come for a Dreamie treat.

We also have another litter of kittens looking for new homes, all very pretty and ready in a couple of weeks to go to their new homes.

Our shop now has its own facebook page (link on our main facebook page) which will have just some of the items we have on sale at the shop. At the moment they have a couple of beautiful wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even a mother of the bride dress. The stock is constantly changing and it is well worth popping in to have a look.

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