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ZARA and Cherrie are two Shih Tzus aged six and nine years old. They are mother and daughter and need to be kept together. Zara is the younger of the two and far more confident, whereas Cherrie needs a bit more time to get to know you. These two are in need of a groom and this is something that will need to be done regularly to keep their coats in good condition. We would not rehome these two with children.

Although smaller dogs are always easier to rehome they are possibly a lot harder work that a bigger dog. Robbie is a nice five year-old Doberman with a long and very waggy tail. He is a nice boy but can be vocal around other dogs. He would benefit from a home experienced in larger breed dogs. Another large breed is Takara a seven year-old Akita, as soft as they come and although she has lived with other children she is not particularly well socialised, particularly around smaller dogs.

We still have several lurcher/greyhound types ranging in age from under a year to around four. All nice dogs who walk well on lead. The youngster Milly has boundless energy and would enjoy having another dog to run off a bit of her excess energy.

Cole is a lovely cat, around ten or so. He is very affectionate and loving and will make a great companion but he is constantly overlooked. Dudley has the most endearing personality and although he has some problems with his eyes and we are constantly cleaning them or putting eye drops in, he never stops purring. He is now on some new eye drops which have made a real difference to him.

We have yet more rabbits from a giant cross, to a very petite lionhead, and all colours and sizes.

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