BARK all set for this weekend’s summer fayre at the Guildhall

long standing resident Kim
long standing resident Kim
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We look forward to seeing you all at our Easter Fayre, this Saturday, April 23, starting at 10pm at the Guildhall in Berwick. We will be serving tea, coffee and juice, with a choice of hot cross buns or scones with jam and cream. There will be the usual collections of stalls including tombola, cake and book stalls.

Our next event is very quickly after, on Sunday, May 8. We will be opening the block of five new kennels at 10.30am and all are welcome. We will also be holding a table top sale, but spaces are very limited so pre-booking is essential.

Some of the dogs are coming and going very quickly at the moment, but of course we still have some that have been with us for a while.

Kim is a very loyal dog who will be three next month. She loves to play, particularly with a tennis ball. She walks well on lead and is well behaved around other dogs that are well behaved around her. When meeting new people she needs to take her time, she does not respond well to people who approach her before she is ready. To see exactly what a lovely dog she is we’ve put a couple of video links on our website, please check them out.

Skittles also has his own video link on our website, showing how he enjoys his own type of bath each morning. He came in with his sister Amber and both of them have been doing very well in their weight loss programmes.

Other feline pairs are long haired Casper and Oscar and short haired Pippin and Mitzi. All these cats are very loving and ideally need to stay in their pairs.

Other cats include Suki, white with tabby, long haired and around eight; six year olds Daisy, a long haired multi coloured cat; tabbies Mikey and Alfie; under two year-old Maggie, black, white and ginger, and Twinkles, black and white.

We also have a young cat handed in as a stray from the Eildon View area of Tweedmouth. This cat has a distinctive ginger stripe down its nose and one ginger paw. Any news on an owner would be appreciated. Also missing for some weeks now is a white westie from the Haggerston area. Any information would be appreciated by worried owners.

We have some super rabbits, with just one pair. Patch and Sooty are black and white and sisters who have always lived together. They are fairly large so will need a fairly big hutch and access to a grassy outside run. Dick and Dom are now eight months old.

Sadly, due to the way they have been bred, Dom does have trouble with his teeth so is now looking for a special home that will be prepared for the extra problems this will bring. However Dick’s teeth are fine. They are fairly small rabbits and light and dark grey respectively. Thumper #2 has a beautiful sleek coat and is very nosy, enjoying following you around and playing with her ball.

Along with other rabbits we also have two three year-old guinea pigs. Hercules and Eliza are a lovely pair who are attractively coloured and Eliza has a rough coat.

Finally, do you have room for a cockerel? Three beauties are looking for a home. Contact us for more information.

Contact details: Kennels: Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TU Tel: 01289 306299 – Shop: 12 Church Street, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1DX Tel: 01289 309225