Ban jet skis from River Tweed

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SIR, - Having just spent a week staying by the River Tweed watching the diverse wildlife it attracts, we were shocked and appalled to see that jet ski and water skiers are allowed on the river as far as Chain bridge (the Union Bridge).

Aside from the water pollution, there is the noise pollution, the danger to wildlife of all kinds, erosion of the river banks and we witnessed a horse with rider being spooked by the large plume of water from both the jet-ski and the water-skier.

I assume the jet-ski have to have a licence (anglers need one) and speed limit and if not, why not? No, why allow them at all? A river so rich and diverse in wildlife is no place for a jet ski.

Please make this an on-going concern for your paper, maybe start a petition to have them banned or more strictly controlled if they are allowed to be there? (Is there a speed limit and how is that controlled?)

The area is promoted and advertised as a peaceful and natural area to visit and stay and to allow jet-skiing on the river would have the opposite effect and be detrimental to the otters, seals, fish and birds who all visit, live and depend on the river.


Bolton Road,