Backing for 20 is Plenty campaign at Duns garage

Duncan Griffiths, Cllr Francis Renton, Michael Moore MP and Louise Aitkin-Walker
Duncan Griffiths, Cllr Francis Renton, Michael Moore MP and Louise Aitkin-Walker

A SERVICE station on one of Berwickshire’s well-used roads has thrown its weight behind a national initiative to get drivers to watch their speed.

Berwickshire MP and Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Moore, visited Duns Service Station on Monday following the success of it’s involvement in Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign.

In June, Jet teamed up with road safety charity Brake to launch Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign to improve road safety for children. Jet’s aim was to encourage a community-wide commitment to driving at a maximum speed of 20mph in built up areas.

Jet invited local drivers to show their support for Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign by signing a pledge at the Service Station to drive at or below 20mph in built up areas.

And the station on Berwick Road, run by Graham Walker and Louise Aitken-Walker collected 173 signatures in total.

Shockingly, five children are killed or seriously injured every day while walking on UK roads. If a child steps out three car lengths in front of a car being driven at 30mph, it would hit the child at 27mph – with the same force as the child falling from a third-floor window onto concrete. But if the driver had reduced their speed to 20mph, they should just have time to stop before hitting the child.

Julie Townsend, campaign director at Brake, commented: “It’s great to see communities taking action to encourage drivers to slow down to protect children. Slowing down to 20mph or below in built-up areas is a life-saving act because it gives you a chance to stop in time in an emergency, such as if a child steps into the road. If more drivers committed to this, our communities would be far safer places for families to get out and about on foot and bicycle without fear of fast traffic.”