Ayton stages successful 130th show

Ayton Flower Show
Ayton Flower Show
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AYTON and District Horticultural Society’s 130th show on Saturday was very successful despite the recent poor weather.

The absence of the usual display of sweet peas was noticeable due to the recent illness of show secretary Raymond Allan, while pot plants and asters were also noticeably down due to Hazel Wightman’s recent surgery.

Tom Kerr with wife June once again stole the show with an excellent overall range of exhibits, however they were beaten in the vegetable section by veteran exhibitor Rob Blaikie.

Sheila Thomson was to the fore in the industrial section while Lucia Drysdale picked up the SWRI Trophy. Faith Drummond took the trophies in the childrens section.

Prizes were presented at the end of the show by Jim Gladstone, who had served as treasurer of the Society for a period of eight years while manager of the Ayton branch of RBS at the time of the society’s centenary show.

The committee are very grateful to all exhibitors and to those who helped in any way to make the show a success and wish both Raymond and Hazel a speedy recovery.

The trophies were awarded as follows: Bowhill Doughty Cup for asters - T. Kerr; Liddell Grainger Challenge Cup - T. Kerr; Dahlia Challenge Cup - T. Kerr; Industrial Challenge Cup - Warners Snr; Gladoili Challenge Cup - J. Kerr; Vegetable Challenge Cup - R. Blaikie; Floral Art Challenge Cup - P. Payne; Irvine Inglis Challenge Cup - A. Kerr; Royal Bank Trophy - T. Kerr; Rotary Challenge Cup - T. Kerr; William Tait Challenge Cup - S. Furness; Willins Quaich - T. Kerr; Brownie Challenge Shield - G. Tennant; Pot Plant Trophy - L. Drysdale; Stewart Warner Challenge Cup - F. Drummond; Elphinston Challenge Cup - T. Kerr; William Martin Challenge Trophy - R. Stevens; Ayton Primary School PTA Challenge Trophy - F. Drummond; Thomas Woodman Rose Bowl - S. Furness; Minnie Martin Challenge Quaich - T. Kerr; Margaret Gilchrist Trophy - F. Drummond; Elizabeth Martin Quaich - E. Dougal; Barton Gillespie Trophy - H. Dougal; Denham cup - L . Drysdale.