Ayton pupils go on space mission

Ayton pupils travelling the galaxy without leaving the hall on during a Gereration Science visit
Ayton pupils travelling the galaxy without leaving the hall on during a Gereration Science visit
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They’ve been learning about the solar system in class and pupils at Ayton Primary went into space last week when the school hall became a planetarium.

The creation was installed at the school last Thursday by Generation Science, who aim to bring youngsters closer to things they are taught in lessons.

The inflatable planetarium prompted much curiosity amongst the children as they saw it in the hall and awaited their instructions from the Generation Science representatives.

And a few minutes later what was a normal school day turned into a journey into space.

As the door shut on the planetarium its inside became the sky, beginning with bright sunshine and then quickly turning into night with stars paving the way for an intergalactic expedition.

Those prone to dizziness would have been holding on to their stomachs as the children ‘oohed and ‘aahed’ their way through the solar sytem from Mercury to Pluto, with a pit stop at the moon.

It was apparent that the children had been listening in class as they correctly answered how long the earth took to orbit the sun, that Mars was also known as the red planet and others.

Their teacher Mrs Tharme travelled through space with them and said as well as being an enjoyable experience for the children it was also a very useful one for them.

“We got a National Science of Engineering grant and some money from EDF Energy to allow us to bring the planetarium to the school.

“We’ve had it at the school before and the children had been hyper about it coming again.

“The whole school is doing a space project at the moment and the pupils have been making scale model of the planets out of papier-mâché and doing lots of research on them and learning terms like rotation and orbit.

“But there’s only so much you can learn in the classroom.

“Getting to go into the planetarium is fantastic for them as it should help them really engage with what they’ve learned so far and get a bit closer to the planets they’ve been researching.”