Ayton looking for councillors

New red lions in Ayton
New red lions in Ayton

Aytonians are being invited to put their names forward for the new Community Council to be set up from 1 September.

The current Councillors were elected in 2012 in a secret ballot and are retiring at the end of their 3 year term of office.

Ayton Community Council consists of 12 members who are elected to serve for a 3 year term. Anyone 16 and over can be nominated provided they live in the Ayton constituency and, if aged over 17, appear on the electoral register. If more than 12 nominations are received an election will be held during August. There has never been any 16 or 17 year olds on the Council. It would be great if this year was the first.

The job of a Community Councillor can be summed up as to ascertain, communicate and coordinate the views of the community and take action to promote the interests of the community.

In the recent past Ayton CC has been involved with initiating an improvement to the play park, considering a community shop, campaigning for the retention of a village pub, cleaning up the memorial cross and its surroundings, providing Christmas festive lights and tree, engaging with others to improve the A1 junctions, commenting on planning applications in the constituency and much much more.

John Slater, current chairman of the Council said “Existing Ayton Community Councillors have worked hard over the past 3 years to improve the lot of Ayton, with some significant successes. Some new councillors, especially young ones, would bring fresh impetus to the council supplementing the experience already there.”

He went on to say “Ayton is a great place to live and the Community Council has an important role to play in ensuring this continues and, where possible, made even better. Anyone who has the interests of Ayton at heart would make a great Community Councillor”

Nomination forms will be available at the beginning of July via the Facebook page (Ayton Village Berwickshire), the web site (ayton­village.org). SBC web site (scotborders.gov.uk ­ follow the link to ‘Community Councils’) possibly at the village shop (and pub when opened) or ask any existing Community Councillor.