Ayton Flower Show draws in the crowds

Rob Blaikie's leeks won best in show at Ayton horticultural societies annual show
Rob Blaikie's leeks won best in show at Ayton horticultural societies annual show

The public turned out in great numbers to witness the produce on display at Ayton’s 132nd Flower Show.

The show benches of the Industrial, Childrens’ and Vegetable sections showed increases, auguring well for the future.

The judges for the day were Gerald Sandwith (Flowers), David Hutchison (Vegetables), Doris Hunter (Floral Art), Jean Virtue and Mrs Lithgow (Industrial) and Mrs Easingwood (Childrens’).

Mr Sydney Sinclair of Eyemouth presented the trophies to the successful exhibitors and in turn was presented with a bouquet of flowers from Hazel Dougal, winner of the Brownie Shield.


Bowhill Doughty Cup for asters: H. Wightman; Liddell-Grainger Challenge Cup: R. Blaikie; Dahlia Challenge Cup: T. Kerr; industrial Challenge Cup: J. Logan; Childrens’ Challenge Cup: L. Queenan; Gladioli Challenge Cup: T. Kerr; Vegetable Cup: R. Blaikie; Floral Art Challenge Cup: P. Payne; Irvine Inglis Challenge Cup: E. Moran; Royal Bank Trophy: S. Furness; Rotary Challenge Cup T. Kerr; William Tait Challenge Cup: R. Allan; Willlins Quaich (leeks): R. Blaikie; Brownie Challenge Shield: H. Dougal; Pot Plant Trophy: H. Wightman; Stewart Warner Challenge Cup: F. Drummond; Elphinston Challenge Cup: S. Furness; William Martin Challenge Trophy: Mr Towle; Ayton Primary School PTA Challenge Trophy: H. Dougal and R. Ferrier; Thomas Woodman Rose Bowl: S. Furness; John Mitchell Challenge Trophy: R. Allan; Minnie Martin Challenge Trophy: S. Furness; Margaret Gilchrist Trophy: J. Logan; Isobel Blaikie Trophy: F. Drummond;Elizabeth Martin Quaich: R. Payne; Barton Gillespie Trophy Class 189: L. Hogarth; Rural Chrystal Trophy: J Logan.

Rob Blaikie won ‘Best in Show’ for his prize-winning leeks.

Simon Furness broke the show record for marrows again. His effort this year weighed in at a massive 63lb, breaking the record by 45 lbs.