Ayton flower show

Judges Ronald McBeath and Gerald Sandwith consider a sweet pea entry.`
Judges Ronald McBeath and Gerald Sandwith consider a sweet pea entry.`

Ayton Horticultural Society’s 133rd show was a most 
colourful event attended by large numbers of the public.

The children’s section was outstanding, with wonderful and innovative displays. The vegetable section was full to capacity with excellent exhibits and the array of cut flowers added great colour to the hall while the industrial section had some quality exhibits.

Judges for the day were Gerald Sandwith, Berwick, Ronald McBeath, Lamberton, David Hutchison, Chirnside, Mrs Virtue and Mrs Lithgow, Cockburnspath, and Mrs Easingwood, Eyemouth.

Mrs Patricia Payne of Tweedhill, Paxton, presented the trophies and was, in turn, presented with a bouquet of flowers by Skye McCaskill.

Trophy winners:

Bowhill Doughty Cup for Asters - H. Wightman; Liddell-Grainger Challenge Cup - Tom Kerr; Dahlia Challenge Cup - Tom Kerr; Industrial Chellenge Cup - Jen Logan; Children’s Challenge Cup - Elsa Herbert; Gladioli Challenge Cup - Tom Kerr; Vegetable Challenge Cup - Tom Kerr; Floral Art Challenge Cup - Kath Dougal; Irvine Inglis Trophy - Rory Wheelhouse; Royal Bank Trophy - Tom Kerr; Rotary Challenge Cup - Alex Young; Wm. Tait Challenge Cup - R. Allan; Willins Quaich - R. Blaikie; Brownie Challenge Shield - Skye McCaskill; Pot Plant Trophy - C.K. Bertram; Stewart Warner Challenge Cup - Skye McCaskill; Elphinston Trophy - S. Furness; Wm. Martin Challenge Cup - Jimmy Newman; PTA Challenge Trophy - Grace Fairbairn; Thomas Woodman Rose Bowl - Alice Allan and Simon Furness; John Mitchell Challenge Trophy - Raymond Allan; Minnie Martin Challenge Quaich - Simon Furness; Margaret Gilchrist Trophy - Jen Logan; Isobel Blaikie Trophy - Caleb Bewsey and Skye McCaskill; Elizabeth Martin Quaich - Helen Hardwick.