Application lodged with SBC for mast at Rumbletonrig

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SCOTTISH Borders Council have received an application from TCT Renewables for the erection of a temporary 60 metre high Meteorological Monitoring Mast for land north east Of Rumbletonrig Farmhouse, Greenlaw.

In their application document, TCI suggest that the mast, if approved will be a temporary structrure, which will stand for around 36 months with a purpose of monitoring actual wind speeds and characteristics of the site which will provide information on energy and turbine specification for a potential wind farm there.

However, they are quick to point out that although the mast is associated with, and will inform a likely forthcoming application for Rumbletonrig Wind Farm, it forms the basis of a separate planning application and the approval of the application in no way ‘sets a precedent for the wind farm’.

If erected, the meteorological mast will stand over 600m from the nearest property; the farmhouse at Rumbletonrig, inhabited by the landowner of the application site.

There are two cottages, Rumbletonrig Cottages, owned by the landowner on the south side of the A697, located approximately 800m south of where the proposed mast will be.

There are no other properties within a kilometre of the suggested site, with the village of Greenlaw itself being some three kilometres to the east.

The conclusion of the application. submitted by Edinburgh based Geddes Consulting on behalf of TCI, suggests that the mast will have a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape character and amenity of the area due to its design and temporary nature, adding that neither should it impact adversely on any habitats or protected species in the surrounding area.