Anniversary stuff from tartan to beer

Flodden Tartan
Flodden Tartan
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Remembering the Battle of Flodden 1513 - with five books, two beers, an ice cream, marmalade, oatcakes, a tartan and an opera all dedicated to 500 years of history.

Northumberland and Borders businesses and residents are determined to make the 500th anniversary of the battle an occasion to remember and this list is only the start.

Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum project co-ordinator, Alistair Bowden explained: “This is about commemoration and we take our cue from the plaque on the cross which stands guard over the battlefield today and placed there in 1910 – ‘To the Brave of Both Nations’. It was an event which shaped our country, and is as much about where we are today as remembering the past.”

And the Battle of Flodden connections are spreading. The ecomuseum, which links sites, stories and communities connected with the battle, started at 12 sites in north Northumberland, the Borders and Edinburgh. Now it’s expanding to 40 - from Portsmouth in the south to Caithness in the north.

Giving background to the new sites Alistair said: “These are all sites intimately linked to the battle and together tell a rich story about Flodden. For example, the Mary Rose was employed to bring English troops and equipment to Newcastle and the Ord of Caithness is a high pass through which it is still bad luck for any member of the Sinclair Clan to travel through on a Monday, the fateful day on which the Earl of Caithness led his forces on their way to Flodden before he and many of his men perished.”