Andrew and Simon Cowell among those added to new edition of Who’s Who

Andrew Beattie
Andrew Beattie

A DUNS man and The X Factor’s Simon Cowell are among the 1,000 new names in the newly-published 2011 edition of Who’s Who.

Inclusion in the world-famous reference book - which contains potted biographies of 33,000 of some of the most renowned, most talented and most influential people in Britain and elsewhere - is by invitation only, so this is an accolade for all the newcomers, including Andrew Beattie, of The Clouds, Duns.

Mr Beattie, who has been Scottish Parliamentary Counsel since 2008, makes his debut in Who’s Who at the age of 38, which makes him one of the youngest new entries in the 2011 edition.

In his Who’s Who entry, he mentions his parents, Andrew Watt Beattie and Janet Beattie and his wife, Claire, and their three children. He was born at Aberdeen on November 16, 1972, and educated at Elgin Academy and the University of Edinburgh.

He lists his recreations as canoeing, camping and hillock walking.

Others making their first appearance in Who’s Who alongside Mr Beattie are The X Factor’s Simon Cowell,Oscar-winning film director Danny “Slumdog Millionaire” Boyle, News at Ten newsreader, Julie Etchingham and cookery writer Marguerite Patten,who has patiently waited for nearly one hundred years to get into Who’s Who and has finally made it at the age of 95!

Everyone in Who’s Who - with the possible exception of the fugitive peer, Lord Lucan, who vanished in November 1974, but who will remain in Who’s Who until he is officially declared dead - is invited to compile his or her own entry, so entries can be as long or as short as celebrities wish.

The late romantic novelist, Dame Barbara Cartland, hogged virtually a whole page (174 lines to be precise) to list her - mostly literary - achievements.

Mr Beattie’s entry is comparatively brief and modest. He explains his life in just five lines, making it one of the shortest entries in the whole book. That’s eight lines fewer than the 13 line entry of US President Barack Obama and ten lines fewer than that of the 15 line entry of Alex Salmond.

He and Simon Cowell and all the others will now remain in Who’s Who until they die, when they will be automatically transferred to Who Was Who.

The 2011 edition of Who’s Who is published by A and C Black at £200.