An evening of clairvoyance

Marshall Meadows
Marshall Meadows

Tweeddale Press is holding an evening of clairvoyance on Tuesday (May 15) with natural medium Margaret Nash.

A member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), Margaret is a medium clairvoyant who uses a variety of different disciplines to assist the many people who seek her help.

The event, which takes place at Marshal Meadows Hotel from 7pm, gives people a chance to engage with her.

“I was born with a natural ability to see beyond our physical world. With this gift I found myself helping others,” Margaret explains.

As a small child Margaret went through many ‘spiritual experiences’. Her spiritual awakening and growth came over the years from a path of many changes. As a wife, mother, keep-fit instructor and a carer of underpriviliged teenagers and mentally handicapped chidren, Margaret began to find ways of helping those around her. She then went on into Psychical Research as a ‘Sensative’ caring for people’s needs.

A warm, sincere, down to earth woman, Margaret recalls: “Very early in my life I felt that my life had some para-normal dimension to it. Of course as a young child I did not have the intellectual grasp of such things. My experiences were such that they did not fit into the ordinary, everyday world around me.

“Then at the age of three I felt that my life had some yet undisclosed shape to it. It was not exactly a quest or journey, although later I may have used those terms, but rather that there were other dimensions to life and that these dimensions would be revealed more clearly as I went through life.”

As Margaret came to terms with her gift, she began to realise that she could help others.

“There is a world which transcends this one, we can get in touch with it and it can get in touch with us,” she says. “I see my vocation as one of trying to bring the two worlds together so we can see our lives, hopes and fears as a whole. It is the neglect of this wholeness that separates us from ourselves, from others and from the spiritual world which is our true home.

“Our access to this world is uneven, unpredictable and tentative but sometimes it floods in and when it does it can make our lives complete.”

Margaret’s spiritual growth has been a steady series of illuminations and insights persisting even when her personal life has been in turmoil.

“We can find spiritual nourishment even in the most adverse circumstances,” she insists. “We may be sustained and uplifted by the most unpromising situations. We must find a spiritual use for the most spiritually uninspiring events in our lives. We can turn the most dire experiences into spiritual resources.

“Indeed we may be presented with situations or problems which we most wish to avoid so that we might triumph over them and gather them into pearls of wisdom.”

Margaret has travelled to many different countries around the world and given help, comfort and spiritual healing to many underprivileged and sick people. She has also helped many people whose lives have fallen apart because of bereavement, loss, and family circumstances.

If you would like to engage with Margaret, go along to Marshal Meadows Hotel on Tuesday, May 15 from 7pm.

Tickets are £10 each and are available from the Berwick Advertiser office, Marygate, Berwick, or the Marshall Meadows hotel.

For more details call 07974 931685.