An awfy gid Scots talk at Eyemouth High School

Eyemouth High School
Eyemouth High School

Eyemouth High School is one of only three schools across Scotland to offer pupils the new SQA Scots Language Award which has just been included in the Curriculum for Excellence.

To help pupils with their studies, English teacher Rosemary Daley, arranged for Scots Professor Jeremy Smith from Glasgow University to visit the school and give them a talk on the origins of Scots and Scots Standard English to the students. He explored the origins of these languages through to modern day context and the pride in talking and writing in Scots.

“We are a school where many people speak Scots, and we are enthusiastic about it,” said head boy Aaron Bolton.

Head teacher, Mr Robin Chapman, added: “It was a great experience for our students to hear from such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable expert as Professor Jeremy Smith. A great communicator, many have now expressed the desire to find out more about languages in general and what makes them so interesting.”