Amazing Grace lays down a new plank record

Grace Blackie from Eyemouth is celebrating after undertaking a daunting record attempt that she set herself as part of her new year’s resolution.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22nd September 2014, 11:38 am
Grace Blackie will be having a second attempt at breaking the world record for the longest continual 'plank'
Grace Blackie will be having a second attempt at breaking the world record for the longest continual 'plank'

Grace successfully held a ‘plank’ pose - balancing on her forearms and toes, with her back flat - for over an hour.

The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a push-up-style position, resting on elbows and toes.

She filmed her attempt at the record, staying in position for 85 minutes and 27 seconds, and subject to approval from the record arbitrators,that should be enough to make her a record holder.

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Grace has admitted that she is not a natural gymnast or athlete, but said she had decided to set herself this task, first of all because “it’s a challenge”.

Her second reason was to raise as much money as she could for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, a charity close to her heart.“My sister-in-law lost a brother to the disease,” she said.

Grace managed to raise over £2,500 for the charity, and she said it changed her outlook in that regard: “I really feel that I will sponsor more people doing things like this,” she said.

Her son, Simon, who is studying nutrition at university in Edinburgh. He has been acting as a personal fitness coach when he’s at home.

It has been a real family affair, with Grace’s big brother Rob taking on the role of her “mental mentor”.

And she has hardly been putting her feet up since her record-breaking exploits.

“I’ve just finished in the gym, and yes, I was doing the plank there too,” she said this week. “But I was only doing it for about 20 minutes! After doing it for over an hour that feels like hardly getting started.” She went on: “I had tried it before with an ipod, for some music while I was planking.

“But that was a big mistake. It was beneath me, and of course, I couldn’t read it and I couldn’t raise my arms or hands to change it.

“I also had my glasses on that time, and they were falling off my nose, which was very distracting.”

And it becomes an even harder task when you take into account that Grace had a second hip replacement earlier this year.

Hers is a friendly competitive spirit though: “If someone goes and breaks the record today, that’s fine with me. Just being top for a day was great.”