All set for Riding of the Bounds

Louise Taylor, Chief Marshall elect for 2013
Louise Taylor, Chief Marshall elect for 2013

More than 50 horses and riders will turn out for the 404th Riding of the Bounds in Berwick on Wednesday, May 1.

Participants will cover a 15 mile route around Berwick’s boundaries, maintaining a tradition dating back to the 15th century when the town’s residents would check Scots had not encroached on to English soil.

The riders will congregate in the historic Barracks from around 9am before parading to Marygate at about 10.30am where they will be given permission by Mayor John Robertson to check the boundaries.

Hundreds of spectators are expected to line the street to cheer the horses and riders on their way and welcome them back on their return.

Chief marshal, Louise Taylor, was formally installed at a sashing ceremony on the town hall steps on Friday. Katrina Lewis, last year’s chief marshal, now steps into the role of left hand man with Ed Swales installed as right hand man.

Berwick Riders Association thanked Shaun Eltringham, who has retired as a principal after a three year stint, for his efforts in promoting the association at ride-outs across the Borders.

Berwick Chamber of Trade chairman John Haswell has presented a £250 cheque to the riders’ association on behalf of his members.

Steph MacDonald, association secretary, said: “Without the support of local businesses and groups such as the Chamber of Trade the Riding of the Bounds simply could not financially go ahead.”

A further boost has been provided by Perryman’s Buses which has donated the use of three buses to promote the event.