All eyes on the big screen in Gavinton village hall

The screen has arrived at Gavinton village hall and the comittee are ready to set up the cinema club.
The screen has arrived at Gavinton village hall and the comittee are ready to set up the cinema club.
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Thanks to a group of enterprising Gavinton residents you’ll no longer have to travel far to enjoy a state of the art cinema experience.

The self-confessed ‘old codgers’ have been working hard since last July to set up a film club in the village and with a big screen and hi-tech sound equipment now in place, people will soon be able to take some popcorn along to Gavinton village hall and enjoy a host of films.

The hall itself enjoyed a new lease of life when it was refurbished in 2006 and the installation of the screen, which chair Barry Phethean says it “definitely the best in Berwickshire” has added a new dimension to visitors’ experience.

“Myself, Chris Maginn, Ron Cooke and the late Jane Jeffrey first had the idea about three and a half years ago,” he explained.

“We put a survey out around the village and there is most definitely the appetite there for a film club.

“Getting it off the ground has cost around £24,000; we got £15,000 from the Blackhill Windfarm Fund and the rest from Awards for All.

“There are a few other places in the area showing films but we believe we have the best technology and the most suitable venue.”

Film enthusiast Chris said he, Barry and Ron and their fellow volunteers have dubbed themselves the Nitty Gritty Gang, have great ambitions for the film club which will extend beyond just showing popular mainstream movies

“We are in what is considered as a rurally deprived area. It’s like an empty doughnut.

“Transport links are poor ; the village doesn’t even have a pub. Activities are focussed around the village hall.

“One of our big aims for the future is to link in to video making and have a camera editing suite.

“We really want to cut into all age groups.”

“It would be really nice if we could film something that people can look at in years to come just as we look at old footage now,” Barry added.

Myself and Chris have both been to Berwick Film Society screenings and we’ve had advice from them about how to develop ourselves.”

*Gavinton Film Club will be hosting an open day at the village hall on Saturday, May 3.