Alan is a fanatic ofScottish history

EARLIER this month we featured a story on Archie Shields from Ayton, who recently made a pilgrimage to a small town in Spain to pay tribute to one of Scotland’s great fallen heroes.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th October 2010, 4:01 pm

Another ‘Berwickshire News’ reader, Alan Stewart, got in touch with us this week to share his experience of going to Teba with his wife.

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Like Archie, Alan is a great fanatic of Scottish history and said it gave him immense pride to represent his country in a town where Scots are held in the highest regard.

He commented: “I’m a member of the William Wallace Society and I’ve been interested in visiting Teba from a young age. It’s a place I think all Scottish people should know about it and be aware of the history that is connected to it.

“When you walk down the main street in Teba with your Scottish flag on your rucksack and locals shout out ‘El Douglas’ you get an immense feeling of pride.”