Actor Timothy downs anchor in Eyemouth

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FAMOUS actor Timothy Spall said ‘auf wiedersehen pet’ to Eyemouth on Monday afternoon after spending his bank holiday in the Berwickshire port.

On board their boat ‘Princess Matilda’, Timothy and his wife Shane arrived in Eyemouth harbour on Sunday as they continue to make their way down the east coast after spending the winter away from the hustle and bustle of London.

Prior to setting sail for the first time a few summers ago, Timothy, star of many hit TV shows and films including ‘The Street’, ‘The Kings Speech’ and ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’ admitted he “didn’t have a clue how to navigate.”

Speaking to ‘The Berwickshire News’ before raising anchor once more, Timothy said: “I’m the only idiot I know who would decide to go sailing without knowing what I was doing, but it’s nothing that a read of a few beginners’ guides didn’t fix.

“We’ve sailed on some pretty rough waters these past few months and had a few hairy moments; the sea does what it wants, it’s its own jurisdiction but coming into Eyemouth it was absolutely beautiful; the sea was like an undulating velvet sheet.

“The weather’s been kind to us the last couple of days and it’s a shame that we couldn’t spent more time in the town and have a proper look about.

“I’ve spent most of the time here on the boat plotting our course for the next stage of the journey.”

But although Timothy and Shane’s stay in Eyemouth was something of a whistle stop one, they did have time to indulge in one of their major passions - Indian food.

The couple visited Jamura Tandoori on Sunday evening, and Timothy said wherever they sail into, tracking down where to get a good curry is high on the list of priorities.

“It’s something of an emblematic tradition, we’re practically indian connoisseurs now. One of the first things we do is look out the nearest Indian restaurant and we had a really nice meal at the one here.

“We haven’t caught much of our own food during our travels- mainly because we don’t know how!”

Timothy revealed that he had a number of exciting TV and film projects in the pipeline once he gets back onto dry land, including a film with Kirsten Dunst called ‘Upside Down’ and a project that’s responsible for the facial hair he’s currently sporting, but said that he had also turned quite a bit of work down because he was enjoying his time at sea so much.

“The boat’s 54 feet by 14 feet so it’s quite spacious, we’ve even got an en suite bathroom and we don’t want for much while we’re on board.

“It really is our second home and I love spending time on it. My agent will ring me when jobs come up and I have said no to a number of things because I’d rather be doing this.

“Going from being in north east Scotland in the winter, where we hardly saw one person, to going home to the west end of London where you can hardly get moved for people takes a bit of getting used to.

“I do quite a lot of voice-overs which I don’t have to be in London to do. So if something’s come up while we’ve been on the boat I’ll try and do it, which means I’ve done recordings in people’s sheds, garages the lot!

“It pays for the diesel which I might add is a lot cheaper in Scotland!”

‘Princess Matilda’, named after Timothy and Shane’s grandaughter who lives in Melbourne, left Eyemouth on Monday afternoon bound for Seahouses and you can follow its progress on a specially dedicated website- - where internet connection permitted they post regular updates on their journey.