Accident figures on A1 support call for dualling

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Accident rates on single carriageway sections of the A1 between Berwick and Edinburgh are more than double those on dual sections.

The figures have been released by Transport Scotland following a review of speed limits on Scotland’s trunk road network.

When Transport Scotland asked its operating companies, they divided the Al between Edinburgh and Berwick into 25 sections – 13 of them dual carriageway and 12 single carriageway.

Among the criteria taken into consideration was the three-year accident rate per 100 million vehicle kilometers.

While the accident rate for dualled sections of the road averaged 7.3 per section, on the single carriageway sections, mainly in Berwickshire, the accident rate averaged 17.7.

The section of the A1 in Scotland with the worst accident rate is the stretch between Heugh Head to Reston which has a three-year rate of 41.8.

It is followed by the Brockholes to White Lodge section (28 accidents) and the Grantshouse to Brockholes (23.6).

The stretch between the border at Lamberton Shiels and Burnmouth is the only section to have an accident rate of zero.

Dualling the remaining single stretches of the A1 south of the border is on the Westminster radar and under consideration, putting pressure on the Scottish Government to complete the road’s dualling north of the border.

Borders MSP John Lamont said:“These statistics provide conclusive evidence that the dualled sections of the A1 are more than twice as safe to drive on than those with just a single carriageway.

“This is precisely why I and many others have been campaigning for years to see this important route upgraded and to prevent any more serious incidents or deaths.

“It is now time for the SNP to step up to the mark in Scotland. Simply because a road leads to England is no reason to not invest in it. They have a duty to provide motorists in the Borders with the best and safest road network that they can.”