Abrupt closure of Eyemouth Post Office

Eyemouth Post Office.
Eyemouth Post Office.

Eyemouth was caught unawares last week when it lost its Post Office service which closed its doors on Friday.

Less than six months ago the service in Eyemouth underwent changes to increase opening times to 51 hours a week, including all day Saturday, and introduce a low-screened, open plan style Post Office service point, integrated into the retail counter.

A Post Office spokesperson confirmed this week: “The branch closed on Friday, March 9, due to circumstances beyond our control.

“We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure of Eyemouth Post Office. This is due to circumstances beyond our control.

“We understand and appreciate how much communities rely on our services and we would like to reassure customers that we are working hard to restore the service to the community as soon as possible and are committed to maintaining services in the area.

“In the meantime, customers can access Post Office services at any branch, with Coldingham Post Office being the closest alternative.”

Eyemouth Community Council is holding a public meeting in Eyemouth Community Centre, on Thursday, March 15, at 12 noon to discuss the matter and in the meantime they have organised for a bus to take the elderly to pick up their pensions at Coldingham - Wednesday at 10am from the Co-op car park and Friday, 1pm from the same place.

Borders MP John Lamont described the local post office as “vital” to local residents and is calling on the Post Office to do all it can to secure its long-term future.

He said: “I have already been contacted by pensioners, businesses and other users who are worried about how they will access cash and other services.

“I was in contact with senior managers from Post Office HQ prior to the closure last week. They have assured me that they are working hard to find a temporary solution so that the Post Office services continue to be provided in Eyemouth.

“I will continue to work with the Post Office to find a temporary solution as soon as possible. Residents need to know quickly how they will access cash and other essential services.”

Berwickshire based South of Scotland MSP Paul Wheelhouse has also been in touch with the Post Office.

Mr Wheelhouse said: “Given what has happened, and mindful of the impact on individuals needing access to their pension payments and benefits, they are treating this with the utmost urgency.

“Post Office Limited have committed to trying to re-open the post office for Eyemouth as soon as is possible with a temporary management team while they identify a longer term solution and identify and then train a new permanent team.

“The landlord for the building is content to allow it to continue to be used for post office services while the discussions take place, which is enormously helpful.

“I commend Eyemouth Community Council for taking such positive action to arrange transport for customers to access services in neighbouring communities.”