A new employment agency for those 55+

Maureen McLinden was inspired to start up her employment agency for the over 55s after a visit to Amsterdam.
Maureen McLinden was inspired to start up her employment agency for the over 55s after a visit to Amsterdam.

A retired Montessori teacher living in Berwickshire has taken on a new role and started her own recruitment agency targeted at the over-55s.

Maureen McLinden, a sprightly 66 years old herself, believes that the older generation still have plenty to offer the workplace and after speaking to fellow members of the Four Abbeys U3A she decided to put into practice an idea that came about while she was on a trip to Holland.

“During a holiday in Holland recently I met a lady who, having recently left a recruitment agency, decided to start one of her own,” explained Maureen.

“She explained the concept to me and my imagination was fired. I decided to start an agency of my own in the UK.”

With her background in education, starting and managing three private schools in North Wales, England and South Africa and creating educational gardens in East Lothian, Mid Lothian and Borders schools, Maureen’s initial focus will be on matching retired teachers with vacant posts.

However, she believes that her new agency could also help place other professionals such as accountants and solicitors into part time work.

“I was 55 when I started work in the schools here, therefore it is my understanding that schools and businesses could profit by employing the more experienced person,” said Maureen.

“These candidates have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. The fact that they have been around a lot longer in their careers and seen changes and benefited from them, should make employing them attractive.

“People of retiring age have less responsibility than when they had their own families to care for.

“Those retired or semi-retired people, while wishing to earn money can continue their professional development, providing an additional income by working a day or two a week.

“Many experienced, active people retire to the Scottish Borders and Northumberland with skills that could be shared while earning a little extra.

“This recruitment agency could be just what they are looking for. Now is the time to use and share our precious skills.”

There is no charge to the candidates for using the agency,

Professionals who are interested in this new concept should contact Maureen McLinden on 55plusrecruitment@gmail.com