A lesson in English and blaze safety at fire station

Duns Fire Station
Duns Fire Station

English classes are now being delivered at Duns Fire Station by Borders College and Eyemouth Fire Station will also be used for classes next year.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students now attend Duns Fire Station for their classes and the local Fire and Rescue Service has also been doing work with migrant workers, along with other partner agencies. So far this has involved fire and rescue personnel attending Farne Salmon to provide a lunchtime workshop and to promote fire safety.

The Berwickshire fire and rescue crews, along with the other Borders teams focus their fire safety work on members of local communities considered to be at high risk in an effort to reduce the number of house fires.

One of the initiatives they have been involved with is Firesharp - providing face-to-face education within local primary schools on matters of fire risk and prevention.

The local fire service teams continue to expand partnership working with key agencies including Police Scotland, health, social care and the region’s four registered social landlords (including Berwickshire Housing Association) in order to focus on members of local communities at high risk from fire.

A second series of fire safety awareness presentations is being made to housing association officers to reinvigorate the home fire safety visit referral process in order to continue improving partnership working, with particular focus on the elderly and more vulnerable tenants to seek to reduce the overall

numbers of accidental dwelling fires, fire casualties and fire fatalities in homes.