A fishing port with a future

Tavish Scott visits Eyemouth harbour
Tavish Scott visits Eyemouth harbour

diversification of Eyemouth Port was also the main topic of conversation when Tavish Scott, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Euan Robson, former Berwickshire MSP, met Eyemouth Harbour Trust members and harbour master Ivan Stevenson.

“Eyemouth must remain a fishing port,” said Mr Robson.

“There are still eight white fish boats and strong prawn and inshore industries.

“We have always said that fisheries policy should be managed locally and not in Brussels and that would help to resolve the constant annual quota problems and the issue of discards.

“There are other opportunities however to bring business to Eyemouth and Tavish and I wanted to be the first to congratulate the harbour trust on its efforts and to see whether we could help in that regard.

“Clearly offshore renewable energy will provide work for east coast ports and Eyemouth must be included.

“We took away a number of action points to put to the Scottish Government, for example flexibility of grant aid criteria for infrastructure work.”

A past chairman of Lerwick Harbour Trust, Tavish Scott said: “I know how much effort is required to keep ports economically viable.

“Eyemouth has every right to expect the Scottish Government to support its development and diversification.”