A&E stats shine a light on our NHS

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The first published weekly waiting times figures for Accident & Emergency at NHS Borders show that, for the week ending February 22, there were 513 A&E attendances at the Borders General Hospital.

In 54 cases patients waited over four hours for treatment. This meant performance for the week against the four hour standard was 89.5%, compared with an average performance in Scotland of 86.1% for the same period.

Of the 513 attendances, 240 (47%) were classified as ‘Flow 1’ patients which means that patients had minor injury or illness.

“We would like to thank everyone who reconsidered their visit to the Emergency Department at the Borders General Hospital as this helps us keep it available for those who really needed emergency help,” said Evelyn Rodger, Interim Director of Acute Services. “Finding an alternative place to seek medical advice helps to keep the Emergency department available for accidents .”