A Berwickshire flag at the border crossing

Could the three saltires be replaced by one saltire, a union flag and a Berwickshire flag?
Could the three saltires be replaced by one saltire, a union flag and a Berwickshire flag?

The possibility of flying either a Berwickshire or Borders flag at the Lamberton border crossing on the A1 is currently being explored.

Earlier this year the question of changing the border flags from three saltires to a saltire, union flag and possibly a local flag was discussed by Berwickshire Area Forum and chairman Michael Cook has since been looking into the options.

Transport Scotland has no policy as to which flags are flown, although stakesholders such as VisitScotland and Scottish Borders Council would have to agree. Amey who are responsible for the road maintenance, including the flags and flag poles, have no objections but the Lord Lyon has indicated that while a Borders flag would be possible a Berwickshire flag would be more complicated as there is no longer a legal entity called Berwickshire.

The response from the Lord Lyons officer was: “Much as I might like to support the suggestion that a flag showing the arms of the old county of Berwick/Berwickshire District be used these reverted to the Crown on Local Government re-organisation.

“There could be no such objection to a flag of the arms of Borders Council.”

At last week’s Berwickshire Area Forum meeting Councillor Michael Cook summed up the position: “In other words, as SBC already has arms granted by Lord Lyon, the council can use them wherever they wish. They are the legal property of the council and nobody else is entitled to display them. The whole armorial achievement should not be displayed on a flag, only the shield itself, leaving off all the stuff around it (crest coronet, motto, supporters etc).

“Use of a Berwickshire flag is possible but would be more complicated.”

Further investigation will be done about using both flags, after the area forum agreed to take the matter forward. The cost of the Berwickshire flag could be in the region of £1,000, which will probably have to be found from Berwickshire’s quality of life fund.