80-year-old found walking railway line

An elderly Eyemouth woman was rescued from the main east coast railway line in the early hours of Friday, July 22.

The 80-year-old, with dementia, had been missing since 1am. Shortly after that, the Border Search and Rescue team at Kelso were alerted.

The team set up a temporary control centre close to the missing woman’s home, from which the search was conducted.

Eight members of Border Search and Rescue Unit (BSARU) were joined by a specialist search-dog handler and a little later by a police helicopter.

The 80-year-old was spotted from the helicopter, walking along the rail line, shortly before 4am.

BSARU team leader Stuart Fuller-Shapcott, who was managing the search form the control centre, said after the rescue: ““When she was spotted actually on the lines, it suddenly became extremely urgent.

“With me was a police inspector, who immediately liaised with train operators to make sure any traffic on the railway was stopped.

“The helicopter then directed our search teams to the location, where the subject was found moving slowly with two sticks on rough railway ballast.

“She was confused, and had sustained minor injuries in reaching the lines through hedges and fences, and in stumbling repeatedly on the difficult ground.

“We ferried her to safety on a stretcher, from where she was transferred to an ambulance and taken for observation to the Borders General Hospital.”