£7.38M fish landed in Eyemouth district

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Final figures for fish landings at Scottish ports in 2014 show the value of the fish increased by almost a fifth to £514 million.

Boats in the Eyemouth district - which includes Berwickshire and East Lothian ports - landed a total of 2,231 tonnes of fish, valued at £7.38 million.

The 113 vessels that fished out of Eyemouth, Burnmouth, Cove, Dunbar, Granton, North Berwick, Port Seton and St Abbs, provided employment for 219 fishermen - 123 of them from the Scottish Borders and 81 from East Lothian ports.

As well as the value of Scottish fish increasing, the quantity also went up by 31 per cent compared to 2013.

Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead said: “I am very encouraged by the figures which indicate the value of fish landed by Scottish vessels in 2014 increased by 18 per cent in real terms from the previous years.

“Despite the volatile weather conditions it is good to see that the overall volume of landings from the Scottish fleet held up well in 2014, increasing in fact by 31 per cent.

“The Scottish Government has worked hard to add value to these Scottish products, promoting them to markets both at home and across the world. We are working hard to get support from across Europe to fight off new burdens, and wherever possible increasing quotas of stocks of key commercial importance to maximise what our fishermen can catch.”

Eyemouth Harbour Trust business manager Christine Bell said: “In 2014, we had 18 local vessels landing regularly. 73 people were directly employed as fishermen in Eyemouth creek during 2014. On top of that, the industry supports many more jobs locally in processing and other sectors.

“When compared to 2013, which was a poor year for prawn fishing, 2014 has seen a recovery in Eyemouth.”