£400 of damage to car as wheelie bin takes off in gales

Wheelie bin.
Wheelie bin.
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Wheelie bins left out on Swinton’s Main Street took off in recent high winds and one of them caused £400 of damage to one vehicle.

A resident in the village said: “I counted 14 wheelie bins left out on the street two days after the council had collected the rubbish - sometimes there can be as many as 20.

“Some of the holiday home owners put them out when they leave and they can be out for weeks.

“The wheelie bin that hit my car had been blown up the street and because they are top heavy it tipped over and the wheels landed against the driver’s door. I couldn’t get out of the car.”

Explaining the council’s position an SBC spokesperson said: “The council has a duty to provide a waste collection service and has supplied containers to households. The containers provided are wheeled bins and remain the property of the council at all times.

“All waste guidance asks householders to store the bins securely within the bounds of their property and to present them for collection by 7am on the collection day. It is then the householders responsibility to remove the bin as soon as possible after collection.”

Anyone with concerns about wheelie bins can contact 0300 100 1800.