£250,000 of work to be done on A1 junctions

Community representatives plus Amey and Transport Scotland staff visited every A1 junction in Berwickshire.
Community representatives plus Amey and Transport Scotland staff visited every A1 junction in Berwickshire.

The safety of seven A1 junctions in Berwickshire is to be improved at a cost of £250,000.

Residents at Ayton, Chirnside, Grantshouse, Reston, Houndwood and Eyemouth have long been raising concerns about the junctions and earlier this year a group of them visited seven A1 junctions with Transport Scotland and Amey representatives.

The visit resulted in a list of changes being proposed and Transport Scotland road safety manager George Henry, travelled to Duns last week to explain to Berwickshire Area Forum the work that will be done by December this year.

A number of the community representatives who attended the junction visits in March were at the meeting and thanked Mr Henry for hearing what they had been saying and for acting on it.

Anecdotal information about near misses and problems at the junction don’t translate into hard facts - since 2012 there have only been two personal injury accidents at the junctions (one at Ayton North and one at the Redhall, Eyemouth junction) - but Transport Scotland staff accepted that improvements could be made.

Junction lighting has also been raised but Mr Henry said: “There needs to be a history of incidents during the hours of darkness and there have only been two slight accidents along this stretch of the A1 since 2012. The measures installed are aimed at improving visibility for all users.”

Measures include markings at all junctions being refreshed, missing road studs replaced, vegetation cleared and the entire length of the A1 in Scotland getting new white lining and cats eyes.

Ayton south - solar type studs over the length of the right turn lane and on approach to the junction, upgraded signing; Ayton north - existing signing increased in size, red infill surface refreshed and redundant signs removed.

Chirnside - red infill surfacing within the hatched area at the central reserve gaps and sign upgrading; Reston junction - islands at each junction mouth for Reston and Coldingham, solar road studs to delineate the layout for both through and turning traffic.

Redhall - solar studs along the right turn and approaching the junction, plus upgraded existing signing; Houndwood - red infill surfacing in hatched areas at the centre reserve gaps and signing upgraded; Grantshouse - islands at each of the junction mouths, new signing for drivers joining the A1, red infill in the central hatched area and road studs.