£16m towards building new Eyemouth PS

Eyemouth Primary School
Eyemouth Primary School

Eyemouth Primary School is top of the list of Borders primary schools for investment but as yet there is no time-line for when a new school will be provided.

In last week’s draft budget announcement £16m was included in the ten year capital budget for the new school but residents will need to be patient and wait until the council knows where all the funding for a new Galashiels Academy will be coming from before they will know when work will start in Eyemouth.

A report to councillors said: “If the Scottish Government was to provide all the revenue finance for Galashiels, in the same way as was achieved for Kelso, then both a high school and two priority primary schools (Eyemouth and Earlston)could be replaced in a much quicker time-frame than would otherwise be possible.

“If, however, less Scottish Government funding is available for Galashiels then this would be prioritised above the primary school replacements.”

Eyemouth Community Council chairman, James Anderson, however, is concerned about the lack of progress and has requested an update on the new primary school.

“The school is now full to capacity and turning children away, which after demolishing four class rooms last year, is felt unacceptable to be put in this position,” said Mr Anderson

The current school roll at Eyemouth Primary School is 395 - 351 pupils in P1-7 and 44 children in early learning and childcare (nursery).

A spokesperson for SBC said: “If the administration’s budget plans are approved (on Thursday) we can start to plan in more detail for the new primary school in Eyemouth using the information we have already gathered from the early stages of the project, including the public consultation.”