128th Swinton Flower Show saved by new committee

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Swinton Flower Show has been saved, and it has been confirmed that it will take place on Sunday, September 25, on Swinton Village Green.

Earlier this month, the flower show committee announced that it could no longer continue and the show would not take place this September.

However, it did offer its help to anyone prepared to take over the running of the show.

The committe said: “Due to various reasons, the committee felt that they, as a group were no longer able to run the show to the standard that had been in previous years. It was not an easy decision to take as there is a lot of history behind the 127 years of the show.

At an emergency meeting in Whitsome Ark last Wednesday, existing and past committee members and residents managed to appoint new officer bearers and committee member to take the show forward.

This year’s show will be on a smaller scale than in the past and the new committee will inform all exhibitors, both past and present, plus all local residents, of details.

A statement made by the new committee reads: “In response to the article in the Berwickshire News on July 7, I am pleased to announce that new office bearers and committee members have been appointed and confirm that the 128th Swinton Horticultural Show will take place at Swinton Village Green on Sunday, September 25, albeit it on a smaller scale.

“It was the correct decision to get the show back to its old roots in the village, and we look forward to exhibitors old and new, residents of Swinton village and nearby areas for their support to get the 128th show back to its former glory.”

For details, contact the new chairman, George Blythe, at email george.blythe1@
yahoo.co.uk or 01890 860634.