Perranporth beach, Cornwall. Lifeguards.
Perranporth beach, Cornwall. Lifeguards.

It has been a busy time during the past couple of weeks for the RNLI lifeguards stationed at the popular Coldingham Bay.

They have been looking out for the publicand keeping people out of potentially dangerous rip currents while they get their fix of sun, sea and sand as the weather warms up.

Last Wednesday (July 9) lifeguards noted that there were around 350 people on the beach and about 75 people in the water.

There were reports of waves as big as six and seven feet breaking on the beach and rip currents are common at Coldingham in these conditions.

Lifeguards were called to action a few times as people were caught out by these potentially dangerous currents pulling them further from the shore.

Thursday (July 10) was also a busy day. RNLI lifeguard Matthew Gibbons assisted two children. Paddling out on his rescue board Matthew helped the children back to shore after they were caught in a rip current.

Giordano Ceccarelli has been a lifeguard on the beach since the RNLI took over the service last year. Giordano said: “It’s great to see so many people on the beach and we encourage people to come and enjoy the beach and the water, we would also like people to come and speak to us about how to do so safely.

“Our role as lifeguards is primarily to prevent incidents happening in the first place by marking out a safe swimming area with red and yellow flags and offering advice to beach users. Come and have a chat to us if you’re going in the water and you’re not sure how to spot and avoid rip currents.

“If you do get into difficulty just raise your hand and call for help and we will come to your assistance.”

As well as incidents in the water the lifeguards at Coldingham have dealt with a number of incidents on the beach requiring minor first aid.

The beach remained busy over the weekend but as the swell dropped off fewer people were caught out by rip currents.

The RNLI’s Beach Finder app enables users to search the UK for lifeguarded beaches and read up on local hazards. With real-time weather updates from the Met Office it also removes any doubt over whether to pack the umbrella or the sun cream! The app is available to download for Apple or Android devices at www.rnli.org/beach