New Year’s resolutions? Forget the traditional and focus on fun in 2019, say Britain’s kids

New Year’s resolutions? Forget the traditional and focus on fun in 2019, say Britain’s kids
New Year’s resolutions? Forget the traditional and focus on fun in 2019, say Britain’s kids
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Are you one of the 14.5m British adults to have made a New Year’s resolution in 2019? And are you already struggling with it? Well maybe it’s time for a different approach – getting your kids to make a resolution with you. New research from The LEGO Group reveals Britain’s kids want parents to ditch the boring New Year’s resolutions for the one they believe is most important – more play time!

Staying playful has a range of positive impacts on kids and parents alike: 60% of British kids say they feel happier when their parents find time to play, with 46% wishing they could spend more time playing with their parents in 2019. This is reflected by parents – 63% say playing together is their most enjoyable time spent with their kids. 35% of kids think their parents are more creative & fun when they find time to play, whilst one in five kids (22%) say they find doing homework easier after they’ve found time to play.

LEGO Group’s Global Play Well report also found nine out of 10 families (88%) who play for five hours or more a week say they are happy and that playing together helps families feel  closer and less stressed. However, busy lives can get in the way and a third (38%) admit they struggle to prioritise playtime due to hectic daily schedules.

David Pallash, Play Agent for the LEGO Group, said: “Parents and kids agree life is awesomer when you play together.  That’s why we’re trying to help them pledge to ensure that play time is part of their precious spare time in 2019. Whatever our age, play can boost our creativity and imagination – as well as being fun. Kids have the right idea here – if we can pledge to #StayPlayful in 2019, we’ll all see the benefits!”

53% of kids believe parents would like more time for play and parents agree, saying it’s the daily chores like cooking (47%) and cleaning (44%) that squeeze the opportunity for play time out of their spare time.

To help build more play into 2019, the LEGO Group has launched #StayPlayful – an initiative to help remind parents and kids to stay playful this new year.

The Top Five New Year’s Resolutions British Kids Wish Their Parents Would Do In 2019 Are:

  1. Playing more games with the family – 50%
  2. Going outside more – 43%
  3. Dedicating more time to play and having fun – 42%
  4. Watching more funny films – 40%
  5. Being less serious – 39%

Top Five ‘Adult Things’ That Get in the Way of Playtime, According to Kids:

  1. Work – 66%
  2. Cooking dinner – 47%
  3. Cleaning – 44%
  4. Using technology (e.g. phones, computers, social media) – 35%
  5. Food shopping – 26%

2019 also marks the launch year of The LEGO® MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART™ – bringing to life a range of exciting LEGO sets and play experiences for kids and parents, such as Emmet’s Thricycle and Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader, continuing the message that it’s awesomer when you play together!

The film reunites the heroes of Bricksburg in an all new action-packed adventure to save their beloved city from LEGO DUPLO® invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than it can be rebuilt.

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About The #StayPlayful Pledge

  • The LEGO Group is encouraging Brits to make a pledge to #StayPlayful in 2019
  • Parents & families can sign up to the #StayPlayful pledge instore with Play Pledge cards
  • Families are encouraged to share pics of their playtime and builds using #StayPlayful