Win family tickets to see The Twits at Paxton House

We’ve teamed up with Paxton House to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a family ticket to this year’s open air theatre show on Tuesday July 10.

This year’s show is David Wood’s fantastic adaptation of Roald Dahl’s children’s favourite novel, The Twits.

It is produced by Illyria, the first UK open-air touring company to be granted permission to perform Dahl’s work.

Illyria’s highly-acclaimed production of James and the Giant Peach was followed in 2011 with a sellout season of Fantastic Mr Fox. Now Illyria returns with an even more giant, even more fantastic, even yuckier Dahl classic!

Illyria promises a slimily, stickily, revoltingly funny show, from the most popular children’s author in the world.

Do you want to know why your spaghetti was squirmy and squishy? And why it had a nasty bitter taste? Because it was WORMS!

That’s just one of the horrible tricks Mrs Twit plays on Mr Twit, and she only does it because he puts a slimy frog in her bed. He only does that because she puts her glass eye into his beer. And she only does that... well, you get the picture.

Mr and Mrs Twit loathe each other. They never wash and they live in a smelly old caravan next to a rotting tree. Bored of playing tricks on each other they decide to open a circus, capturing a family of monkeys and cruelly training them to perform in the ring. Only with the audience’s help will the Twits meet a sticky end and will the monkeys be set free.

For your change to win a family ticket, simply answer the following question and email your entry to Please put TWITS COMPETITION in the subject line.

What are the Twits going to open?

The closing date is Tuesday July 3.

The editor’s decision is final.