Weasel kit and fox cub off to Alloa

The fox cub explores its new pen.
The fox cub explores its new pen.

This weekend we took the fox cub up to the SSPCA wildlife Centre at Alloa. It needed the space to become ‘wild’ again as we were worried it was getting to know us for food supplies, although it growled at us and showed aggression when we moved it from one pen to another for cleaning.

At the SSPCA they have a couple of dozen foxes half of them cubs and there were five others about the same size. Once he had been wormed he would join them in a large pen and later they would go into a large paddock with shrubs and trees and with the vegetation allowed to grow completely wild. They see no people at all except one person who feeds them at the same time of day.

We were told that they will then run away from anyone going at any other time. We were very happy to hand him over since he had finished all his treatment with us, and this will provide the best outcome for him. The photo this week shows him exploring his new pen.

Late at night on Friday we were brought a tiny weasel that had been found at the side of the road.

It had been seen in the same place several hours before so the people that found it thought it had better be brought to us. They kindly picked up some kitten milk for us on the way.

It took the milk readily enough and it came with us to Alloa so that we could feed it. When we arrived one of the staff noticed it in its little box and said that she loved weasels and that she was the member of staff who dealt with small mammals. She had several weasel kits the same age and would happily keep it with them.

Since all animals do better when they have others with them we were happy to hand him over.

The National Wildlife Centre is not open to the public but the manager kindly showed us round the new centre.

They took in 5,000 casualties last year (to our 500) and the centre cost several millions to build but everything is up to date and custom made. We said we felt very small fry to them but as Colin said everything is relative and that he was very impressed with what we do here.

Our cygnets are both doing well, although we are worried about a couple of hedgehogs that are very unwell.

We did have a hedgehog family brought in at the weekend. Mum and four babies that were in a barn. They are settling in well in a pen on the lawn.

We have another Open Day coming up on August 1 which will be followed by our AGM.

On the same day we shall officially open our new Isolation Room which will be a big asset to the Trust.