Volunteer support crucial to our work

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We have very good support from so many people. We have received several phone calls from friends asking if we need anything for our Open Day on June 20.

We still need tombola and raffle prizes, items for our sales tables, crafts, etc.

If you would like to donate any goods please drop them in to us any morning (except Saturday) between 9.30am and 12 noon.

Two of our best supporters, Tom and Carol from Duns, have just completed a sponsored walk around Duns Castle and have raised £200 between them. They walked about four miles. They also volunteer every Friday. This is when I took their photographs in front of our sign. Without people like Tom and Carol we would not be able to do the work we do. A big thank you to both.

This week we have managed to release quite a few of our patients. Two swans were fit to go on Saturday and this leaves us with six. The swan with the frilly foot is having it neatened up by the vet this week. We have a nice comfortable under cover pen ready for her return after the surgery.

Several swans are still recovering from lead poisoning. When we looked at them this morning they all look as though they should be with us as they all look poorly.

Our buzzard is having the pins holding his broken wing in place removed tomorrow. We hope this will prove a success. Another bird - a short-eared owl - is ready for release after its wing was pinned after a break. It is now able to fly really well so it can go back to where it was found.

We had three birds in the Lomax aviary learning to manage by themselves. A pigeon from Eyemouth school had a leg injury after being hit by a car. The students at the school picked him up and called us to treat him. He has fully recovered now. A young collared dove and a wood pigeon that had fallen out of their nests have made friends since they were moved to the aviary and are now flying well, so we released all three together.

We also released three hedgehogs this week back to the area they were found. A hog that was brought in this week has died. It was very lethargic and when we examined him we found and removed 47 ticks, but the damage had been done and he was too weak to survive. This leaves us with just seven hedgehogs. The remaining ones all have homes to go to but we have one other one which is likely to be the first patient in our Isolation Room as it has a virus disease which is contagious to other hedgehogs. The poor little hog is very sick but we are treating it, although we have to be very careful with the handling so we do not infect the other hedgehogs.

This is the time for fledglings and we had two in this week, a starling and a blackbird, both taken by cats. Sadly both died shortly after they were brought in. Let’s hope we have better luck with the next ones that come in.