Trust expecting influx of arrivals after spring clean

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Last week we were very lucky as we chose the right couple of days to spring clean the recovery room.

We managed to clean all the cages and Dick painted the floor. We managed to get the cupboards and shelves tidied up before putting the cages back and setting the room to rights again.

We had to move stuff into the surgery whilst the floor was painted and allowed to dry which made Monday and Tuesday a bit chaotic. We thought we would remember where we had put things temporarily but of course we couldn’t. Still we got by.

The newly painted floor looks very nice and shows up the need to do the surgery too. We hope to get on with that this week.

All 15 of our ducklings are doing well. They are looking ‘duck shaped’ now. In about a week they have doubled in size. They are almost ready to go in an outside run with a little shed to shelter in at night. They are so difficult to catch when their cage is cleaned whilst they are indoors. They are extremely active and bounce like little balls.

The buzzard is still having his food cut up as his beak still has no hook on it. The beak is growing back but we think it will be months before he can be released.

The last of our overwintering hedgehogs will be away later this week. We have had another one brought in very sick but he seems to be responding to treatment. Sadly one other one brought in at the same time died within a few hours.

The oiled gannet is ready for going back to sea. He has eaten plenty during his stay. Mackerel are swallowed whole. It is good that he has eaten well as very often these birds become depressed when they are confined and refuse to eat.

The collared dove brought in from Belford is now fully feathered and will be ready to be returned where he was found later this week.

The swan from Burnmouth still has the scaffolding holding its wing in place but it seems to be coping with it very well. Next week the vet should be able to start removing some of the metal work.

The tawny owl which was blinded after concussion is managing in an aviary although it still has very little sight. It will take some time for improvement, we are just ‘giving it time’.

We shall shortly be over-run with orphans if previous years are anything to go by. Unfortunately we have fewer volunteers with vehicles so we are asking anyone who has an orphan bird to please bring it in to us. This will be a great help to us. We are happy to take in any orphaned or injured animal but we cannot always come to collect straight away.

We have fixed a date for our Annual General Meeting which will be on August 2. We shall open the David Rollo Centre before the meeting so you can look around.

We shall be having another open day before then I will let you know the details next week.