Swan Notes: Adopted family get baby swallow set for migration

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The young Swallow we had been feeding for about ten days has finally been found a home.

Pricilla called in to the Rollo Centre when we were busy feeding the bird. She asked if we had given it a name and we told her we did not normally name things unless they had been with us for a long time.

We explained that we were trying to find a nest where the young were at about the same stage so we could add it to the nest and hope the parents would take it on.

I’m not sure if Swallows like being foster parents but it is the best way to get the orphans support when they are ready to leave the nest but not yet able to cope on their own.

The following day Pricilla returned with the news that her sister Flora had Swallow nests under the eaves of her bungalow. She thought the babies were about the same size and feathering stage as ‘No Name’.

We arranged a time when Dick could go and try to add our orphan to a nest. It was very lucky that the occupants of one of the nests were at a similar stage of development. Dick just had to use a stepladder to pop ‘No Name’ into the nest.

They watched the nest for some time, the parents returning several times with food. They did not seem to notice they had acquired an extra baby. Those parents must be really harassed with the constant feeding or they can’t count very well.

I heard from somewhere many years ago that birds can only count one, two, three, a lot. Maybe that’s right.

Pricilla called in a few days later to return the cage we left in case the orphan was tossed out of the nest.

She told us she had watched the nest and all the young ones were fed. So a big thank you this week to Pricilla and Flora for their help in getting ‘No Name’ a foster home.

We were getting very worried about how to get this little Swallow away as we were racing against migration time. He will get on much better with his own kind

Let’s hope he makes a successful trip to Africa later this month and returns next year.

At our Committee Meeting this month Derek read us a letter from George from Hull.

He always sends us an amusing letter with a donation for winter feed.

This year he excelled himself, we were all laughing at his wit when Derek read the letter to us.

He also sent us an extra donation for the Isolation Room Fund. Bless you George for your support.

I must also thank a lady who wishes to be anonymous. She ordered one of our calendars and when she received it she wrote and sent us a very generous donation towards the building of the new unit.

It is lovely to get support and kind letters from people it really helps.

Please check out our website for sponsor forms for Karen Swinburn who is doing a 10 kilometre run on October 5 in Glasgow.

That’s all for this week.