Swan crashed into power lines


This time of year we are usually quieter. The young birds should be all away and we are waiting for a few hedgehogs that are too small to survive hibernation. It has not been like that this year.

We still have in two young birds that need hand feeding. A Collared Dove and a Wood Pigeon.

The Collared Dove is slowly perking up but the Wood Pigeon is nowhere near ready to feed itself.

We still have our nine cygnets which are behaving better to one another now.

Last week Dick went out to pick up a swan that had crashed to the ground after hitting power lines. The bird is very large, very tall and very cross about being brought in.

He weighs ten kilos. He was very quiet when he first came in but now he is very feisty. He stretches up to his full height and pushes his neck out and tries to peck at whoever is in range.

This behaviour is more like a Whooper Swan and is rare in a Mute Swan thank goodness. He is showing no sign of burns or electrocution so we hope we will just have to keep him for two weeks until we know he has sustained no injuries.

The Barn Owl has had the pins in his wing removed. The bones are in line so he has been moved to a bigger cage so that he can stretch his wings but not put them under any pressure till the bones have time to strengthen.

We have to pick him up each day to clean out his cage and when we put him back he ‘plays dead’ but he hisses all the time even when he is upside down. I could not resist taking this photograph of him. As soon as we walk away and ignore him he leaps up and sits back in the corner. We are hoping he can go in an aviary soon.

A Tawny Owl with a broken wing is also in a small cage with his wing strapped up. He is a ‘red tawny’.

We have found the redder coloured birds are quite a bit more aggressive than the grey coloured birds. He is eating well so we hope he may feel better when his strapping is removed.

The little hedgehog from Eyemouth that is having to be treated each day for her wounds is slowly improving. Some of the wounds are still pussing and have to be drained but a lot of the smaller ones are healing and getting better.

She is eating and putting on weight, now coming in at just over 200 grams. We feel very sorry for her when cleaning the wounds as she must feel very sore afterwards but she is such a little fighter we want to do our best for her.

We are looking for some plastic hampster or guinea pig cages. We need them to be about two feet long with clear plastic tops. If anyone has one they do not use any more we would be very grateful.

They are ideal for hedgehogs and we have so many we are running out of cages.

We are also collecting donations for our Christmas Tombola.

We are open at the Rollo Centre any morning (except Saturdays) 9.30am to 12.30pm.