Abbotsford set to host ScottFest family festival

Final preparations are being made to transform Abbotsford near Melrose, home of Sir Walter Scott, into a colourful carnival site for ScottFest 2021, a major new annual festival inspired by the life and works of the legendary author.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 2:30 pm
Jousting is just one of many spectacles at Abbotsford this weekend. Photo: Phil Wilkinson

The festival is being held on Scott’s 250th birthday anniversary weekend, August 14-15, and this year’s entertainment is inspired by Scott’s famous novel, Ivanhoe.

The family event is suitable for all ages and includes jousting, interactive stables, falconry, archery, craft and market stalls, children’s activities and live music and dancing.

There is also a shadow puppet film by Bannerfield Buskers ‘The Battle of

Final preparations are being made to transform Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott, into a colourful carnival site for ScottFest 2021. Photo: Phil Wilkinson

Philiphaugh – from Scott’s Minstrelsey’ premiering during the festival, with showings taking place in Abbotsford’s chapel.

Alasdair Hutton, writer and narrator, known as the ‘voice of the Edinburgh Tattoo’, will be signing copies of his children’s books, which are set

at Abbotsford.

Julie Merrilees, Walter Scott 250 Project Manager, said: “We are so excited to be holding this incredible event at Abbotsford on the weekend of Scott’s birthday.

ScottFest takes place at Abbotsford on August 14-15, 2021. Photo: Phil Wilkinson

"The program for the festival weekend will include a range of performances, live music, dancing, storytelling, sword fighting, musket fire, equestrian displays and even a fortune-telling goat!

"This will be the perfect fun-filled event to take your friends and family along to.

“The festival weekend will have entertainment around every corner. Featuring local performance groups, crafters and other local talent, the festival not only serves as a celebration of Scott’s life and works but it also allows the support of small businesses in the Scottish Borders and an opportunity to bring the local community together.

“Scott and his writing had a huge impact on Scottish life and culture. Credited as ‘the father of Scottish tourism’, Scott popularised tartan, saved the Scottish banknote and rediscovered Scotland’s crown jewels.

"It is fitting that the nation’s celebration of his 250th anniversary is being held in grounds of his beloved home, Abbotsford.”

Tickets to the festival are required and are available online or from the Abbotsford Visitor Centre.